Mini Money Bombs

I am an avid reader here and someone who has not really posted at all.

I saw the post that Dan Haley is running for Rep. Loscocco’s seat and I couldn’t be happier. As the comments note, Dan has great credentials and has been involved in state government and campaigns at a very high level for a while.

That wasn’t why I was most impressed though…

Dan is someone I met several times on weekends and I think even an eveing or two in Kerry Healey’s campaign. I did not know at the time but know now he was her Chief of Staff at the State House but was making calls and helping out at the regional office in Walpole.

He is committed and has been for a long time. As I mentioned in an earlier comment to the republicanvoice’s post on this – can EaBo and the folks here pick a day and try and get folks to give even $25 or $50 a piece candidate like Dan? The state party is very limited in direct financial assistance it can give and for a new candidate with a late start like Dan it would be great if we could put some money in the bank for him.

What do you think?

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