MassGOP Federal Fundraising Reports Open Thread

(Beatty and Ogonowski’s reports probably will not be on-line until Friday.  With the Senate races you file by snail mail with the secretary of the senate’s office.  They then forward to the FEC which scans the documents and makes them available as PDFs. They just have to be postmarked today. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. The fundraising reports by our federal candidates will be released on the FEC’s website. So far, the most anticipated reports (Ogonowski vs. Beatty) are not yet up there. However, Kurt Hayes’ report is already online at… and with $6582.35 cash on hand, it unfortunately does not appear promising. Also, according to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s, the following federal Republican candidates are collecting signatures and will have to file a report by tomorrow if they started substantial fundraising:

Nathan A. Bech in the 1st district….

Earl Henry Sholley in the 4th district

Richard A. Baker, Jr. in the 6th district

Robert King in the 10th district  

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