Is Jim Ogonowski’s in Violation of Air Force Regulations??

(If Jim is in violation then Jeff Beatty is too. The following images are from Jeff’s website. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

On Mr Ogonowski’s web site he is seen wearing the Uniform of an Air Force Officer, a Major. He claims he is Retired. Then if this is true, he should know that wearing the uniform is prohibited. The Air Force Regulation is very clear about this. The Air Force Regulation, AFI36-2903 clearly states the following: participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines,marches or rallies, ( WEB PAGE)or in any public demonstration when the Air Force sanction of the cause for which the activity is conducted may be implied   Mr Ogonowski doesn’t show great leadership if he can’t respect the simple wearing of the US Air Force Uniform. Then why would anyone want to vote for him?  Mr Ogonowski needs to change his web page, he is implying the air Force is sanctioning of the cause for which the activity is conducted may be implied.  This is in Violation of the Regulation and he is still subject to this since he is retired from the Air Force, and a insult, to those of us who wore the uniform and respect the proper wear!!!

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