Guns are illegal, but immigrants are undocumented?

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Ahhhh, the double speak of liberal politicians.  Mayor Menino took his crusade against “illegal” guns on the road today giving a speech to a Congressional task force aimed (no pun intended) at curbing our 2nd amendment rights.  Mayor Menino stated that as many as 60 percent of the guns used in Boston crimes came from out of state.  I would venture a guess that the user of those guns has a slightly higher chance of being from out of the country.

At any rate, the quote I thought most interesting from Mumbles was this one:

“Illegal guns know no borders,”

which begs the question – why are guns from across the border called illegal, while people from across the border are called undocumented?

The real tragedy is that Menino thinks outlawing guns completely will stop people from killing each other.  It won’t.  Murder requires two elements – desire and opportunity.  Removing guns in no way stops the desire to kill another person, and it will either delay the opportunity or create an alternative, but it will not stop the crime from happening.

To solve the issue we need three things; 1) stop the desire by encouraging two parent traditional families where the father is actively involved in leading the family and teaching values and morals. 2) Stop the opportunity by having an active police force out on the streets, working the nieghborhoods instead of standing around working details and taking early retirement.  Also, get the City Council to stop working on foolish issues like making grand statements about Darfur and having the pension funds reinvest in places other than China.  3) Elect a new Mayor of Boston – preferably one that has a brain and a properly working vocal system.

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