GOP Agenda – Open Thread

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I put this in the comments of Angel’s post on ideology, but since this is what the Republican legislators call their “statement of principle and purpose,” I thought it was worth giving its own post and inviting comments from one and all.

The Republican caucus is committed to building a better Massachusetts by improving the lives of people who live here at the most basic levels.

Every man, woman and child in Massachusetts should have the same opportunity to be happy, healthy and successful. Everyone defines success differently, but there are basic needs that we believe every person should enjoy.

We should all have a comfortable place to call home.

We should all be able to find a job that fulfills us and allows us to pay our bills.

We should all be able to work hard and reap the rewards of our efforts without government getting in the way through excessive interference or taxation.

We should expect that our government will spend taxpayer money responsibly and recognize that public resources belong first to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Our children, no matter what neighborhood they live in, should be able to go to good schools. And we should be able to feel safe allowing our children to play outside without fear of hidden dangers lurking nearby.

We should all have access to affordable, quality medical care, and we should all be able to grow old gracefully and with dignity.

We should be able to feel secure as we go about our daily lives,knowing that there are plans in place to protect us if disaster strikes.

We should be able to expect that those who break our laws will be brought to justice.

And we should expect that our elected officials will be at all times accountable to those they serve. When the voters speak their elected representatives should listen, and the democratic process that values their right to be heard must be encouraged and protected.

As Republicans, we believe that government can and should work to ensure that these basic needs are met. We believe this task is best accomplished by providing everyday citizens with the opportunity to succeed and the freedom to pursue the lives they desire for themselves and for their families.

Massachusetts is a great state, built upon a strong foundation of hardworking, visionary and optimistic citizens. It is through their vision that we can best reach our highest potential as a commonwealth.

Though our caucus is small in numbers, we are ambitious in our ideas and strong in our belief in the values of personal responsibility, personal freedom, fiscal restraint and accountability to those we serve.

And it is as a constant voice of balance in the Legislature that we intend to pursue and perpetuate these ideals.

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