Do BMG and RMG operate in a vacuum?

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It is becoming clear of late that my traditional family values view and hard line on conservative issues is increasingly disdainful to the readers of both BMG and RMG.  We all know, because I never miss an opportuntiy to remind, that I am no longer allowed to post on BMG because I asked serious questions and demanded serious answers.  That is behind me.

Now on RMG I am finding my opinion less palatable to the many readers, and that is okay too.  I am who I am.

Here is the catch – my view tends to be a very popular view across the greater part of this nation.  As someone that has traveled from coast to coast and many places in between I have seen firsthand how a great majority of citizens of this nation think.  The bonus to it all was that I got to travel many times with people from the Boston area, and I got to see their expressions when we walked into stores that openly sell guns.  One one occassion the person I traveled with refused to enter the store because she saw guns for sale.  I have also been to places where it was common to see people pray before they eat at a restaurant.  I have seen the great heartland of this nation and it is very different from here in Boston Masachusetts.

BMG and others were appalled that Mitt Romney mocked his home state while traveling around looking for support.  Trust that he was not the only one laughing at those jokes.  The majority of people in the breadbasket of America think Massachusetts is a nuthouse.  They hear about gay marriage and they laugh because it mocks the very nature of Christian religion.  They here about judges that let child predators free and they laugh.  They hear about how we want to make illegal trans-fats and fluffernutter and they laugh.  They hear about how our politicians make no effort to round up the illegal immigrants that are ruining this nation and they laugh.  Boston, and largely Massachusetts have become a joke for this country.

My values more closely resemble the values of people in the heartland.  I am one of those guys that Barack Obama would say “clings to guns and God”.  So be it, I am what I am.  But, does the GOP and specifically RMG and BMG realize that there is a great big world out there and not much of it looks and feels like Boston.  There is a tendency of liberals to believe that everyone thinks the way they do.  They are wrong.

My views of the Mexican work ethic were mocked, but I am right and I recently had a conversation with a VP of a large CPG company that agreed with everything I said.  That company refuses to operate in Mexico because they can’t afford the poor quality of goods and irregular work habits of the people.  The VP also agreed with my assessment of China and how they can outwork American workers any-time, any-place.

I honestly don’t know anyone’s expereince or breadth of knowledge on the BMG or RMG sites.  I don’t really care, but it amazes me that the opinions that are presented are done so in complete contrast to everything I have expereinced elsewhere.  I have a great many friends and colleagues across this country.  Inevitbaly they call to touch base and it never fails that they have recently heard about some new blunder played out in Massachusetts.  They laugh about Deval Patrick and how he went on a spending spree long before he even filed his first piece of legislation.  They laugh about the Big Dig and the endless expenses.

Most people in Massachusetts are numb to it all.  They assume that this is what it is like all acorss the country.  I am here to tell you it isn’t.  Believe it or not we have the right to carry a gun and we shouldn’t apologize for that right – no matter how big an argument the left presents.  We have a right to responsible government free from all the hacks that plant siblings in every possible state job opening.  We have a right to speak freely about religion without the condescending attitude of some looney Jesus hater that got lectured by some liberl college instructor and took everything he said as gospel.

Massachusetts is the bluest of the blue and now even RMG posters are beginning to turn a little purple.

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