Congrats BMG

BMG won the The Boston Phoenix Best Local Blog category in the Best ’08 contest.  Not a big surprise. I find their description of BMG to be spot on. Here it is….

So you put down your Sunday New York Times and head out to Whole Foods to buy some organic vegetables and wine for your book club tonight (In Defense of Food – genius!), then you hop back into your Prius with the “1.20.09” sticker and head home to Cambridge; open your MacBook and chat with your friends on BLUE MASS GROUP about why marijuana should be legalized and the evils of Mark Penn, and it’s great, but despite these distractions, you can’t help but wonder if Obama ever got those hemp panties you mailed to him. . .

Heh, congrats guys.  Now check your email, someone from Tufts has made you an offer you shouldn’t refuse…..

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