Beatty Goes Negative Calls Ogonowski a Puppet

So called negative campaigning works, when you stick to issues and candidates records. In my boosting of Jim Ogonowski on this site, I have done that.  I have compared records of accomplishment in the political arena, I have asked where FEC reports were when I thought they were due, but the FEC will sort that out now that the recent reports are in.  I have never been personal towards Jeff, and neither has the Ogonowski campaign.  In fact they kind of just ignore him.  Well this weekend saw an all out negative personal attack on Jim Ogonowski by Jeff Beatty, I don’t know if its because Jeff’s frustrated at a lack of media coverage or what but it’s been pretty biting.  

The attacks started at a Republican Grassroots Building breakfast in Framingham yesterday and continued in an Associated Press article

“It’s so funny, he goes around saying that Washington is broken, but he’s really just another puppet who is putting on a show with the strings being pulled in Washington,” Jeff Beatty, of Harwich, Mass., said in an interview about his rival, Jim Oganowski. “I’m the grassroots candidate. He’s just rapidly showing himself to be nothing more than another career machine politician.”

Beatty, a former Army Delta Force officer who will face off against Ogonowski, a retired Air Force officer, in a September primary, raps his rival as the candidate of Republican insiders.

Jim’s response was classic, and true, and shows the kind of gentleman he is.

Ogonowski, a Dracut, Mass., hay farmer, shrugged off Beatty’s charge in a phone interview Friday, saying he had been up since 5 o’clock driving a tractor on his family farm to fertilize the fields.

“If you could see me right now with my farm boots on – I’m wearing a snowmobile suit because it’s cold on a tractor and I’ve got a wool hat on,” he said. “I don’t think anybody could consider me a career politician. That’s funny.”

Mr. Beatty, Jim didn’t seek the “inside crowd” they sought him to help him.  The sought him because he had a track record, albeit one campaign, in which he almost beat one of the iconic names of Massachusetts because he worked his ass off.  The RNC didn’t help Jim until the end of the campaign, after he already proved that he was viable.  Politics is a performance based business, Jim has shown he can perform. You got the same percentage of the vote as someone who literally spent under $5,000 in a previous cycle.

You could have attracted the attention of the Washington crowd if you had shown your FEC report back last year when you were going around saying you had raised over $700,000.  But you didn’t.

Jeff’s a nice guy, but Ogonowski has a better chance at winning, because he actually talks about the issues that matter to the working people of this commonwealth.  Every time I’ve seen a presentation by you Jeff it’s been all about Jeff and his qualifications.

Why don’t we all wait until both candidates are on the ballot.  I hear from the Ogonowski camp that they have collected just about double the required signatures.  Has anybody heard where the Beatty campaign stands?  

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