Why Do We Bother with Primaries Any More?

(Yet another reason why we need CLOSED Primaries or Caucuses! – promoted by Cool Cal)

I supervise a polling location here in Massachusetts during elections and primaries. I can understand why people would want to become “unenrolled” as this gives them the opportunity to choose which primary they will vote in. They can pull any one ballot.  This year they could choose from Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Libertarian, and Workers Party.

But it seems like more and more states are letting any voter pull any ballot, regardless of their enrollment. Take Texas, where a not insignificant number of Republicans must have pulled Democrat ballots, which pushed Hillary over the top even though Obama was leading going into the election.

So my question is this — why do we even bother with primaries any more? Why don’t we just immediately jump to the election? Let’s let everyone run at once, regardless of the political party they’re affiliated with. The way primaries are held today is pretty much a sham if many states let anyone from any party vote on any ballot.

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