Why can Democrats preach the Bible?

From Obama

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama argued Sunday at Hocking College in Ohio that the Sermon on the Mount supports same-sex unions. Obama claimed that same-sex unions are “a legal right that they [homosexuals] should…

But as a Catholic if I say something like this… I’m classified as a bigot.

Taken from Rev. Gabriel B O’Donnell, OP Columbia Magazine publication of the Knights of Columbus/ January 2007 p. 24


“The Church does not condemn homosexuals or homosexuality. Every person, created in the image and likeness of God, possesses a dignity and worth that demands respect and compassion from one’s brothers and sisters in the human family. While the origins of same-sex attraction are not yet scientifically clear, most of those who are oriented do no choose this sexual attraction. A man or woman cannot be blamed or condemned merely because he or she experiences such an attraction….

The Church must condemn homosexual acts because they are contrary to God’s plan expressed in natural law and in divine revelation. The complementarity of man and woman as male and female is inherent in God’s creative design for human race. “Precisely because man and woman are different, yet complimentary, they can come together in union that is open to the possibility of life.”

And if I go further to acknowledge a man’s responsibility to his sexual behavior is a combination of obligations, a duality to both his children and their mother. To have men care about their children, they first have to care with respect and dignity about the woman they are having sex with. If I call that marriage in terms of any public policy to promote that personal responsibility… well I’m a even a bigger bigot.

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