Turnpike Gives In, Will Open U-Turn Ramp to Public

East Boston residents, and airport patrons can rejoice, the Massachusetts Turnpike has agreed to open the U-Turn lane in Allston to the general public according to the Boston Globe.

The strange odyssey of a $1.6 million U-turn on the Massachusetts Turnpike took another twist yesterday when the road’s director said he was likely to let the public use the ramp soon, possibly this month.

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The U-turn ramp at the Allston toll booths, once celebrated as a tool in the fight against congestion, has been restricted to taxicabs and buses since it opened in October.

Few cabbies have opted to use it because they worry that passengers will think it’s a trick to boost their fares.

So the heavily engineered structure sits there like an empty parking lot.

This turnaround ramp, once people realize it is there, will ease congestion on the streets of Boston and Storrow drive, dramatically.  Need to get off at the Prudential Center but stuck downtown.  Easy, jump on the Pike, turnarond at the tolls and get off at the Pru.  It’s that easy, instead of:

a) Get on Storrow drive, get off at the hatch shell, drive down one way streets, cross marlboro, Comm ave, Newbury and then get up to the Pru.

b) Drive down back streets.  

This is a vast improvement and I for one am very happy I’ll be able to use it.

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