Think of Glenn Ordway’s Family

If you are like me you have enjoyed listening to Glenn Ordway and his “Big Show” crew on WEEI for a long time.  Today brings sad news about Glen’s family.  According to the Boston Herald, Glenn’s wife and newborn child are having serious complications from childbirth.  

“As you know, I was absent from the show on Thursday and Friday and I know that not being there today will raise some suspicions as to my whereabouts.

Well, I am going to take a little time off from the show due to a family health crisis. I feel that I owe it to you the listener…the people I talk to everyday….to be frank and honest as to what I am dealing with right now in my life. Hopefully by telling you the truth first hand, it will prevent any speculation or inaccurate accounts of our story.

“This past Thursday night, my wife Sarah gave birth to a baby girl that we named Mia Grace Ordway. Unfortunately there were complications in the final stages of the delivery. As a result of those complications our baby suffered a significant trauma injury. She is presently being treated at the intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital.

“In the process, my wife Sarah also suffered an internal injury as a result of the childbirth.

“So therefore, it is important at this time for me to devote all my time and energy to helping my wife and to helping my baby get healthy. By nurturing Sarah back to health quickly, I believe that we can allow the mother and baby bonding process to happen and subsequently increase baby Mia’s chances for a recovery.

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