The Big Three (New Bedford Style)

The following is taken from a press release just put out by the chairman of the New Bedford Republican City Committee, Nathan Pierce.  

The Massachusetts Republican Party posted Nate’s piece, “New Bedford Republican Party Passes Torch to Generation Y” up at their official blog  

Please click here to read the entire press release: The Big Three (New Bedford Style)


The New Bedford Republican Party now boasts its own version of the ‘BIG THREE.’ And once again, a veteran ‘Pierce’ is joined by two tremendous additions to bolster a rapidly growing and developing leadership team. Even better yet, the new ‘BIG THREE’ boast an average age of just 25 years old! Without any doubt, it is clear that in the New Bedford Republican Party, Generation Y has assumed the leadership and the direction of the local GOP and its focus- for good. The New Bedford Republican Party convened this past Tuesday, March 11, 2008 to re-elect its membership slate and officers for the 2008-2010 term. Delegates from each of New Bedford’s six wards were present to cast ballots for the members of each city ward committee, as well as executive board officers to represent the citywide New Bedford Republican Party. By law, each ward committee may elect as many as 35 voting members as well as unlimited associate, non-voting members. Called to reorganize by mandate of the Massachusetts Republican Party in the thirty days following each Presidential Primary, the New Bedford Republican Party celebrated its reorganization by recapping a tremendously successful 2007.

(To read the rest of the press release please click here: The Big Three (New Bedford Style).

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