Thank you Mike Huckabee

(As a Huckabee Voter, I want to thank Gov. Huckabee for his Honorable Campaign. – promoted by Cool Cal)

So this is the day.  I think it likely that by late evening Mike Huckabee will have conceded the Republican race to John McCain.  Huckabee will graciously bow out and congratulate Senator John McCain for his victory and then commit to keeping the White House in Republican hands for four more years.  It seems all so predictable.  If nothing else, it will be the most magnificent speech Huckabee gives – and he has given some good ones.

With 1,019 delegate votes secured already McCain is predicted to walk away victorious in today’s Super Tuesday II primary races.  McCain will surely garner the few needed delegates to push him over the top making him the party’s official choice.  Huckabee will likely gain enough to win him a second place spot just above Mitt Romney.

I want to congratulate Mike Huckabee for his campaign and the successes it had along the way.  He was never a favorite of the mainstream media and he ran most of the race on a shoestring budget.  He didn’t have the backing of corporate powerhouses, deep-pocketed lobbying groups or diversity-seeking special interest groups.  It was Mike Huckabee, and occasionally Chuck Norris, bouncing from town to town giving uplifting speeches about liberty, faith, hope and family values.

Along the way he became the target of ridicule for his folksy style and humble approach to solving problems.  Some media-elite Republicans labeled him “Goober” or “Huckleberry” in order to sway the vote toward more polished candidates like Romney and Giuliani.  To their surprise, Huckabee took it on the chin and stayed in the race long after Romney and Giuliani quit.  Mike Huckabee is no quitter – he stayed in the race to the end.

What I like most about Mike Huckabee is that he is genuine.  “There are no flies on Mike Huckabee” as they say.  He is what he is.  Never during this prolonged primary battle did I get the impression that Mike Huckabee was some sophisticated calculating schemer looking to win office for his own reward.  I never felt that he was anything other than the simple preacher and former Governor that he claimed to be.  He lacked Mitt Romney’s chiseled chin and coiffed hair.  He could never come off as street-savvy as Rudy Giuliani.  He wasn’t as tough and rigid as Duncan Hunter.  He wasn’t a notable war hero like John McCain.  All the other candidates had some glorious claim to fame, but not Mike Huckabee.  Huckabee was just a guy that grew up in a middle class town with ordinary parents.  He married a sweet girl and raised a family on a preacher’s modest salary.  He became Governor and fixed a state that was desperately poor and lacking hope.  I was hoping he would do the same for the rest of the United States.

Over the months he gave this Republican primary race some great and memorable moments.  Huckabee was the one that stated We’ve had a Congress that spends money like John Edwards in a beauty shop, making us laugh.  It was Huckabee that gave us a great moment in debate with Ron Paul over the controversial Iraq war surge when he stated We have to be one nation.  That means, if we make a mistake, we make it as a single country….Even if we lose elections we should not lose our honor and that is more important than the Republican Partymaking us cheer.  We remember those because they were so profound that the media could not avoid covering them.  What you may not know is that Mike Huckabee also said things like this:

“It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.”

“Pray a little more, work a little harder, save, wait, be patient and, most of all, live within our means. That’s the American way. It’s not spending ourselves into prosperity or taxing ourselves into prosperity.”

“Great things are rarely easy things. They are most often risky things, with just as great a chance for failure as for success.”

“Our founding fathers had a brilliant, really revolutionary idea that the people elected would not represent the elite, but would represent the ordinary.”

“I love being in the GOP, but I love my country even more.”

“A country is not free if it can’t produce three things for itself-its own food, its own fuel, and its own fighting apparatus. If we can’t do those three things, our national security is very much at risk.”

Mike Huckabee connected with people.  When he spoke it felt like he was speaking right to you alone.  He told stories as though he grew up next door.  We need that in America today.  Bush seems to have no ability to communicate clearly and never did I feel as though he had my best interests in mind.  Save for one brief moment as he stood upon a pile of rubble and proclaimed that we would find who knocked down the towers.  We are still looking, aren’t we?  Tomorrow’s remaining candidates are full of marketing driven responses and poll tested answers.  Be it Obama or Clinton or McCain, none of them truly believes a word they say.  We know that, or at least I know that.

Hey Mike Huckabee, see you in four years right after the first Obama term.  Thanks for running and God Bless you…….

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