Some Kinda Noive

It seems that once we succeeded in calming down the natives on this whole Beatty-Ogonowski thing, les infants terribles insist on ratcheting thing back to fever pitch. And well, okay I admit, I’m in.

So here I offer a few thoughts on the inestimable folly of the latest piece of er…opinion.

First of all, anyone who is in the communication business (and I guess a backwater radio show counts) ought to understand the significance of language to conveying his point. When a supposed professional asserts that a candidate is running for office “on the blood of his brother,” he displays an abject ignorance of the impact of his language — especially when he attempts to follow this despicable insult with the magnanimous suggestion that this is a “noble” thing so long as he does not “stand in the path” of another candidate. Truly, truly one of the most classless things I have ever read, at least in the context of intramural Massachusetts politics.

So when assessing the depth of this stunning display of offense, I examine the dubious assertion that the candidate “stands in the path” of another (apparently more qualified) candidate.

What path is that? This other impressively credentialed candidate announced in April of 2007 that he would form an exploratory committee  to evaluate a possible challenge to Sen. Kerry.

Seven months later, on October 30, 2007, his committee filed a statement of organization — not a declaration of candidacy, but merely an indication that he was “testing the waters,” in the FEC parlance. Exploring the possibilities, is another way to put it. In for a penny? Not yet.

Not until February 22nd of 2008 did the candidate notify the U. S. Senate that the committee was transitioning from exploratory to “campaign”– his “path,” if you will, to the general election race against John Kerry.

Ogonowski, however, announced his intention to challenge Kerry on January 12th, more than a month earlier.

Pardon my sarcasm, but if it takes ten months for someone to decide whether he’s in or not, his path ain’t worth blocking.

In a compelling case of the Who’s Smarter Than Me’s, the writer offers his opinion that “if  Ogonowski really thought about it,”  he’d drop out, for the reasons stated.

Gee, Jim — have you really, really thought about it? Did you take the ten months of exploring?

How patronizing.

Here’s what I wonder, being a McCain campaign finance reform supporter that I am.

Does the unqualified and utterly fawning and overt cheerleading support from a (presumably paid) radio talk host on an FCC-licensed station constitute an in-kind contribution to a candidate? Or is he one of those “independent expenditures?”  Maybe he should register as a 527.

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