Renowned Economists Endorse Keith McCormic

(Go Keith Go.  Keith is a product of the Ron Paul Revolution a libertarian who has come home to our right of center party.  good luck Keith.  And who’d of thunk that a Republican in Massachusetts would have received an endorsement of a Smith College professor.  WOW!

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Thursday March 20th, State Senate candidate Keith McCormic’s economic stimulus plan was bolstered at Chandler’s Restaurant in South Deerfield by the endorsement of a panel of well known economists with ties to the Hampshire & Franklin District.

Kevin Hassett a Greenfield native who served as a senior economist to the Board of Governor’s of the Federal Reserve before becoming the director of economic policy at the American Enterprise Institute, was the keynote speaker at the event.  Hassett a former Columbia professor is the author of 6 books on the economy including Bubbleology and Dow 36,000.

James Miller a Deerfield resident and a professor of economics at Smith College in Northampton also came out on behalf of McCormic’s Senate Campaign.  Miller author of Game Theory at Work and an expert of state lotteries was a 2004 candidate for State Senate amid his successful tenure fight at the Northampton College.  John Andrulis, a Northampton Housing Authority member and a professor Emeritus of economics at Western New England College pledged his support of McCormic’s bid for State Senate.

The enthusiastic support of McCormic’s plan to create jobs in Massachusetts was key in economists’ endorsement.  McCormic’s job plan includes a reduction in the corporate income tax rate to from the country’s fourth highest at 9.5% to more competitive 8%.  McCormic also proposes allowing all businesses a double deduction for net new hires.  McCormic explained that this would help businesses expand their workforce rather than outsourse vitally needed jobs.

McCormic declared that it was time for the state to stop targeting economic incentives at special interests like the biotechnology, film and gambling.  “Candle manufacturing is never going to be a politically favored industry, but Yankee Candle is one of our largest employers.” McCormic said, “My plan would allow innovation to stimulate the economy in every sector and encourage permanent hiring over the use of temporary employees.”  

McCormic also remarked, it should be no surprise that biotechnology is a targeted industry when the Biotechnology Council has hired both disgraced former Speaker Thomas Finneran and Senate Leader Robert Travaligni as paid lobbyist to promote their special interests.  McCormic called for tough ethics reforms that would lengthen the one year ban on former legislators lobbying to three years and place greater restrictions of “junkets” paid for by special interests and foreign governments.

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