Ogo should stop talking about Immigration

Hey all!

Im an unorthodox Democrat that posts frequently at BMG and just reopened by RMG account. Cudos to EaBo for getting rid of the trolls and making this site a great forum for discussion.

Anyway I would be fully willing to support a moderate Republican against John Kerry. I am a fiscally conservative realist Democrat that is tired of Washington gridlock and the windbag Senator that does so little for our state and for our nation with his continued presence in Washington and I say this as a proud Obama supporter. The Senate will remain in Dem hands so I do not worry about switching control to the GOP with this vote.

But one thing prevents me from supporting Ogo and that is his narrow view on illegal immigration. This is a complex issue and should be dealt with carefully, Bush’s reforms are terrible but so are Minutemen like draconian solutions to the problem. I think Ogo could win a lot more votes taking a more moderate approach to amnesty. He should still support a border fence, improved border patrols, better security, employer crackdowns, etc. (positions Obama supports as well Id point out) but there is no way to attack amnesty without coming across as someone that dislikes the poor and culturally different illegal immigrants. While this might appeal to the primary base it will not appeal to the MA electorate at large.

Other than that with funding and enthusiasm he might just be able to surprise people or at least give us our first real contest since Weld.  

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