New York Times to feature Deval’s travails “on the ropes”?

Drudge is carrying a teaser about a forthcoming article in the New York Times on our illustrious governor. According to Drudge, Deval is on the ropes. Why is the Times covering this story rather than its subsidiary, the Boston Globe?

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  • wavemaker

    if he’s saying in the NYT that he doesn’t trust the Speaker (at least that’s how I read the last line of the story).

    DiMasi will eat his lunch all day long — until his own problems overtake him, anyway.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    When the New York Times prints such a damning story about Deval Patrick it will definitely hurt him. (Patrick)

    I do agree with SSR that the story was probably intended to draw a comparison between Patrick and Obama who share an almost identical background.  Therefore this story will hurt Obama and Patrick.

    I would encourage you to all read the following story in the The Washington Times by Walter Williams recounting the story of Jackie Robinson as the first black major league ballplayer.

    Williams makes note of something I have questioned all along – can black America afford to elect Barack Obama as the first black President.  If Obama fails it will spell disaster for black America and the future of black candidates.  The correlation to Jackie Robinson is that Robinson was an exceptional black baseball player and though he suffered some rookie pains of racism he quickly proved himself capable of the job.  So did the many other black players that quickly followed in his footsteps.

    BUT, should Obama fall on his face it will prove regretable for the many black Americans that wish to see the first black president.  Obama’s obvious lack of experience and accomplishments makes him a long-shot at best and a risk that black America should not be willing to take.

  • The quote that Deval gave about calling Sal out, was a dumb move.  

    “It’s part of what we ran against, and it needs to be called out,” Mr. Patrick said

    Why in the world does Deval now need even more reason to have a fight with the Speakah’?  This just fuels the fire between the two.  

  • Karl Marx

    From Tom Maguire’s Just One Minute a few thoughts on the New York Times coverage of Deval. So important that the baby Boston Globe had to comment on its own blog. The Times swooping-in coverage is a big deal, an opportunity to compare Boston with Newark and yet another chance to offer some snark:

    The Mass legislature certainly has its share of problems but they are at least right in opposing DP’s various revenue grabs. Sal and the boys are the only thing standing in the way of abolishing 2 1/2 and having sky high property taxes. Same for corporate taxes.

    I think the commenter, whether he’s from Massachusetts or not, has hit the mark.