Member of DCU? Shop At Hannafords? than this is for you

DCU, the Digital Federal Credit Union is reacting to the Hannaford data breach in an unbelievably stellar way.  They are replacing all debit cards and giving new numbers to those affected by the breach.  I got a new card in the mail today and couldn’t figure out why but found this explanation at  So in case you are scratcing your head as well.

We have learned from Visa and published news reports that criminals hacked into the computers of the Hannaford supermarket chain and stole credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates. The card information from a significant number of DCU members who shop at Hannaford is among them. Hannaford reports that no personal information, such as names or addresses, was accessed and that they do not know or keep such information from card transactions.

If you used a DCU Visa Credit Card or DCU Check Card at Hannaford during the period of the breach, we are sending you new cards with new card numbers as soon as possible. As always at DCU, you are never liable for any card transactions you did not authorize.

What should you do if you shopped at Hannaford?

We recommend you do the following:

1. Monitor your accounts on PC Branch until after your new card arrives – If you used your DCU Visa Credit Card or Check Card at Hannaford, check your recent credit card and/or checking account activity for unauthorized transactions. Report them to us as soon as possible for immediate credit. You can report them online through PC Branch under “Forms/Services”.

2. Watch your mailbox for your replacement card(s) – Activate them as soon as you receive them following the instructions on the activation sticker. Your PIN will not change.

3. If you had set up automatic charges on your card… Such as a newspaper subscription, Internet service provider, or long-distance company, please remember to contact the billing department of each vendor and give them your new card number and expiration date.

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