Massachusetts Overwhelmingly Wants Cape Wind, So does Ogo

In what can’t be good news for John Kerry, who can’t make up his mind on the issue, according to Survey USA poll conducted for WBZ-TV4 86% of Massachusetts Residents approve of Cape Wind.  

Of the four U.S. Senate Candidates running in 2008 only one is for Cape Wind, who’s that one? Jim Ogonowski enthusiastically supports Cape Wind.

Republican Jim Ogonowski, after touring UMass Lowell last week and seeing some of the research being done on renewable energy, came out in favor of the Cape Wind project.

He challenged his Democratic opponent Niki Tsongas to join him in asking Sen. Edward Kennedy to give up his opposition to the project.

Tsongas has stated throughout her campaign, when asked about Cape Wind, that she supports the project.

John Kerry and Jeff Beatty have not taken concrete positions on the issue.  I’ve tried to find an updated Beatty position on the issue since 2006 but all I can find are articles stating he hasn’t taken a position.

Ed O’Reilly takes the Ted Kennedy hypocrite approach to the issue. He is against Cape Wind.

That’s it. Next time it’s Rising Tide’s Day of Action & the carbon trading scam along with a special call-in from the NEXT junior senator from our illustrous Commonwealth, Ed O’Reilly (so long,John!). Check him out here. O, did we mention Ed is oppossed to Cape Wind? Save the Commons! Vote for O’Reilly!!

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