Just the Facts, Ma’am

So Joe Friday became famous for saying to the lady at the door who ignored his inquiries about the postman and went on and on about the sticky faucet and the creepy landlord.

Just the facts. That’s all I’m asking for in the discussion — DISCUSSION!!! — about the viability of a “True Conservative” Republican candidate for statewide office, in this state, at this time.

So, ESCHEWING ANY HYPERBOLE, SARCASM, SNARK OR ASPERSIONS against others, submit your input to the following questions:

1. What is a True Conservative?

From what I have understood in reading the comments of others, a candidate is only a True Conservative if s/he is (among other non-controversial positions):

a. Unconditionally pro-life (i.e., no exceptions of any kind);

b. in favor of (eventually)deporting all illegal aliens (anything else that permits any illegal to remain being “amnesty”)

c. against McCain-Feingold’s limitations on election-related speech and spending’;

d. against any opposition of extending Bush tax cuts based upon the demand for spending reductions.

Please discuss your additions, exceptions or qualifications on any of the above requirements. For the purpose of this examination, the definition of True Conservative must be determined without regard for the realities of any particular state’s demographics, or the prospect of any True Conservative candidate being electable therein.

2.What is the demographic make-up of the current voting population of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with respect to race, age, party, ideology, income, union membership, religion, etc.?

3. What elements of #2 either enhance or detract from the likelihood of a True Conservative being elected in a statewide national election during the Presidential election year 2008?

4. If you believe that a True Conservative CAN be elected in a statewide election in 2008, identify the strategy you would recommend to such a candidate in order to address whatever demographic facts you have identified in #2.

So let’s see how much fact-based, reasoned discussion we can have on this critical subject.

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