Conserative Bad Behavior Cover-up at RMG?

I know it’s always the liberal’s that are guilty of everything here.  But today there was an example of conservative’s behaving badly and rightfully to post was pulled down.  Now I’m confess maybe the writer pulled his own work after a 2nd thought and maybe freshslayer (or something like that) will clarify what happened.

Until then, I’ll assume the post, which was a verbal mugging of a key member of the community which also “outed” the person’s real id…not that it was any surprise, even I knew EaBo’s name given all the things that he has written about his various involvements.  

Without question the post should have been pulled…it was way out of line.  But I feel I would not be playing my roll here if I just let it pass.  While the word “cover-up” in the headline is a little strong, I think everyone in the community should know that is event happened.

There is so much moral outrage about “liberals” here, where many people are on their moral high horse.  Yet the reality is the conservative movement has their wing nut problems themselves and in the last two weeks there have been two cases of vindictive authoritarian individuals who took it upon themselves to play God and “out” and attack the personal character of folks in their own community.

Just wanted to point that out.  Also, Eabo, the guy had a point…a point I’ve made in the past…you do reap what you sow.  

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