Carla Howell takes to YouTube: Raising goverance issues

The drive to abolish the state’s personal income tax is gaining steam. Supporters say their proposition, which is headed toward the November ballot, is polling well. Meanwhile, Carla Howell has released a compelling video that talks as much about transparency in government as it does abolishing the PIT. She makes many valid points including the assertion that one need not be an accountant to figure out how the state spends hard-earned tax dollars.

If supporters succeed in placing the question on the ballot, the issue poses a dilemma for fiscal conservative in Massachusetts. Is approval one of the only ways to “send a message” while assuming it will never become law? Taking billions off the table will seriously disrupt life in Massachusetts. Thus is it better to focus on restoring the original 5% rate? Voters don’t have much of an option; state government adds and multiplies it never significantly cuts. Sending a message may be the only option for fiscal conservatives.

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