Beatty / Ogonowski

Question:  With Ogonowski doing so well against Tsongus a few months ago and Beatty doing as well as he did in 2006 against Delahunt, why wouldn’t these 2 go after Delahunt and Tsongus again instead of trying to beat the richest man in the US Senate (thanks to the hard work of the deceased Senator Heinz)?

I think both candidates would have had a great chance in a re-match against those 2 liberals.

Kerry was the democrats candidate for President in 2004.  I do not think beating him will be as easy as some have said.

I am not saying the GOP candidates can not win against Kerry but Kerry is a more difficult win than Tsongus and Delahunt.

Governor Weld was very popular and was supposed to beat Kerry but in the end because of Kerry spending over the agreed upon limit won 53% to 45%.  If Governor Weld did not win in 1996 after being re-elected in 1994 to the corner office with 71% of the vote, I do not know how the 2 GOP candidates can win with most people in this state not knowing who either candidate is!  

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