A SHOCKER! Council funded by gambling has no issue with expanded gambling!

Scott Van Voorhis 

Problem gamblers went public yesterday with wrenching stories of heartbreak and addiction as a State House showdown looms over a proposal to legalize resort .

But the now-recovering addicts offered an unexpected message, saying they are neutral on Gov. Deval Patrick‘s proposal for three billion-dollar-plus gambling resorts.More...

That’s because the state’s plan to legalize casinos also sets aside money to deal with an expected increase in problem gambling.

The Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling, which sponsored the event, is pushing a commitment equivalent to that made by Canada, which earmarks 1 percent to 2 percent of all casino revenue to battle gambling addiction. It is similar to a proposal in Patrick’s casino bill, which would set aside $50 million a year to battle gambling addiction and related problems. The basis of this is, that people are fine to place bets on their favorite casino games that you’re able to find in a casino, or online provided via a website like https://casino-korea.com/ as an example, however while they are giving people the freedom to gamble as they please, there must also be stronger aid for those that suffer from gambling addictions.

From the council’s website

How is the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling funded?
Since 1987, the Massachusetts Legislature has made a commitment to responsible gambling-related public policy for the Commonwealth and ensured that funding from the Massachusetts State Lottery and the Massachusetts Racing Commission  is allocated to provide compulsive gambling education and treatment.  These funds are managed by the Department of Public Health / Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.  In addition, the Council accepts private donations and charitable trusts and bequests, and has received project-specific grants from private organizations and companies.  The Council also accepts private donations and charitable trusts and bequests.

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