When “Change” Wins Elections

I continue to be amazed at how Obama’s whole “change” theme is mesmerizing the American populace. Of course, we all know the tremendous similarities between Obama’s vague optimism and that of Gov Deval Patrick’s 2006 campaign, “Together we can”. I’m sure that is a direct result of the political consultant they have in common, David Axelrod.

The essence of the Illinois senator’s message: Obama equals change; Hillary Rodham Clinton equals status quo. All else cascades from there. In this contest — where the candidates are but a micron apart on most policy matters — message is everything.

The keeper of that message is David Axelrod, political reporter turned political consultant, and Obama’s chief strategist. Axelrod is described as Obama’s answer to Karl Rove and the most powerful political consultant not on a coast.

I was intrigued to find out that Axelrod worked for Hillary during her Senate run. That puts him in the catbird seat when it comes to out-messaging her. Nothing helps more than having been an insider.

The “Change” theme seems to have won several elections. It was one of Jimmy Carter’s slogans in 1976. Reagan essentially used change in his slogan, “Are you better off than you were four years ago”. Mondale used “America needs a change” in 1984. And then this goodie that I completely missed…President Bush used, “Yes, America can!” as his slogan in 2004. Man, Patrick copied that one almost letter for letter.


The big question is, when are we going to start holding to our common conservative principals and stop giving the other side a chance to throw us out just by chanting “Change”?!?!?

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