What ever happened to Reagan’s 11th Commandment?

(We should all follow Reagan’s 11th Commandment.  INCLUDING Jeff Beatty and Joe Manzoli.  Anonymous  emails in response attacking Republicans of good standing because they’re not on the Beatty Bandwagon is just as bad. – promoted by Cool Cal)

I received this email from Joe Manzoli, Shrewsbury RTC. I thought I would share it with the group as it relates to a series of anonymous emails that have been circulating recently, questioning Senate candidate Jeff Beatty’s honesty and background.

Having helped elect 3 Republican state representatives and a US Congressman from Shrewsbury for the past 22 years, I think my credentials and experience in political campaigns stand on solid ground. However, I am never surprised by comments or statements made by people who are either ill-informed or derogatory about a candidate.

In all my experience, the single reason why my candidates have been elected year after year is simple, they are good people. We always had a positive message and we avoided negative personal attacks, even when the other side initiated such attacks. You see when you fight in the mud you can not help to get yourself dirty.

I am no farmer but I know the difference between a spade and a shovel. When someone is trying to shovel dirt such as been the case on this blog, their hands get dirty.  For instance much has been made over FEC filing deadlines, the fact is the Beatty campaign meets all requirements and will file our report on April 15th.

Therefore I suggest that we try to keep things positive, if you want to discuss the positive reasons and credentials for Jeff’s opponent please do so. I will be happy to promote my candidates credentials, his vision and his experience and let the voters decide why Jeff Beatty is most qualified to be your next United States Senator.

Joe Manzoli

Personally, I find Jeff to be quite credible. I’m not sure why we have to resort to lying during our own primaries. Let’s talk issues — economy, terrorists, morality, etc.

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