What ever happened to competition?

How can a special interest that represents about 17 percent of Massachusetts workers be granted the exclusive rights (that’s 100 percent) to work on building new casinos? This is Deval sending a sweet kiss to his labor backers.

Nonunion construction workers are opposing Governor Deval Patrick’s casino legislation, arguing that it discriminates against them by encouraging developers to use union workers.

“It’s not a level playing field,” said Ronald N. Cogliano, president of the Merit Construction Alliance, which advocates for nonunion contractors.

“The appearance is that the governor is trying to give a little political payback to his biggest supporters. That’s troubling.”

Cogliano sent a letter yesterday to Patrick and legislative leaders, arguing that the legislation should not discourage casino developers from using nonunion laborers.

Patrick’s casino legislation has provisions that would encourage casino developers to use union workers, and it also gives organized labor a seat on an advisory committee that would have influence over casino regulations.

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