Unite behind McCain?

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It’s a done deal. John McCain is our presidential nominee. Sadly, I believe we’ve missed a tremendous opportunity. While this election process has been nauseatingly long and tedious, I believe we didn’t “see” Mitt as the stellar candidate he would have become. Presidential, attractive, brilliant, and articulate, I have no doubt Mitt Romney would’ve made a phenominal president. His speech on Thursday was the best speech I’ve ever heard. It was Reaganess. I must say when you put Romney beside McCain, Romney appears far superior in all catagories. But McCain says he’s a Republican and a foot-soldier of the Reagan revolution. He’s claimed to be “the best qualified to reach out to Democrats”. Is that what conservatives want in their leader?

As a spectator of Republican politics for more years than I’d like to admit, I remember Ronald Reagan as a “reacher-outer” to Democrats. He reached out to them by convincing them that conservatism made more sense than liberalism. He actually co-opted the Democrats’ agenda by maintaining his steadfast conservative principles. Many now say it is our job to unite the party and get in line behind McCain. I disagree. It’s HIS job to unite the Party. It’s McCain’s job to convince conservatives that he’s one of them. I did my duty. I voted for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and the two Bushes. You must remember that it was conservatives who brought the Republican Party out of the desert after 40 years in the minority by voting them into the majority. And what did they do with it? They squandered it! Why? Because there weren’t enough conservatives in Congress to govern conservatively. You’ll excuse us if we feel like we’re being skunked again. Though I’m not prepared to burn down my own house to make a statement, I must say I wonder if McCain understands what’s really at stake here. As co-author of McCain-Feingold which took a swipe at our first amendment rights, does he get it now? As co-author of McCain-Kennedy, does he realize how close he came to surrendering this country’s soverignty? There’s still no fence, and now innocent Americans are being kidnapped in alarming numbers at the border. As a co-author of McCain-Leiberman, does he understand the left’s role in this scam of astronomical proportions? Does he realize how quickly we could be relegated to third-world status through whacky environmentalist “solutions” to something yet to be proven? McCain’s like a blind date. He can either show up at our door with a bouquet of dead flowers and poke us in the eye again, or he can invest himself in a big box of quality chocolates. It’s up to him.

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  • RHM

    Up against Hillary I say McCain wins (because they are very similary and she has huge negative numbers). Against Obama he loses (they are polar opposites and Obama invigorates people for whatever reason). Either way, things do not look good for the Republican party.

    They will end up with a young whippersnapper who defeated one of its gladiators as president or with a president who made it there but on the back of a fragmented party.

    I’m waiting for a real Reagan-like leader to emerge, not just guys who invoke his spirit when they want to earn cheap points with the party faithful.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    are you Running against Ted Kennedy in 2012 from Massachusetts. It says you live in the DR right now.  Are you planning on moving back here and running as an independent against Ted Kennedy?  That’s the gist I get from your website.

  • I consider McCain to be far more fiscally conservative than all the major Republican candidates.

    McCain is the only major candidate who attacks government waste, pork-barrel spending, and graft.

    McCain will “reach out” to Dems and get them to vote Republican just like Reagan did.

    Anyone who is a true conservative cares deeply about fiscal policy, and realizes that a fiscal watchdog like McCain is just what the doctor ordered.

    Kevin Scott

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