To my Friends at “PurpleMassGroup with Blue Polka Dots”

(It was a teeny weeney blue and purple polka dot bikini which we wore for the first time today. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

To my friends at “PurpleMassGroup with Blue Polka Dots: I just caught the latest screed of desperation by people who can’t seem to bring themselves to allow simple congratulations to be bestowed on a candidate for a job well done. How can this be? This from the very people who are chastising others for not rallying around McCain? Conservatives are brownshirts now? When’s the last time any of you picked up a history book? I remember a time when the words “conservative” and “Republican” meant the same thing. Now, to hear some of the rubbish that’s coming from some of this gang of malcontents, the new definition of “conservatism” is religious zealotry! And this is how we’re going to beat John Kerry, are we?

This Party’s been suffering from the same afflictions resulting from “immigration” as the nation apparently. After years of encouraging liberals and one-issue Democrats to come into our “big tent”, and not requiring their “assimilation”, we’ve become a party of mutants. The Reagan Coalition’s three-legged stool,(remember Reagan, the guy who won two landslides by defining conservatism?) was based on social/religious conservatism, fiscal/pro-business conservatism, and security/defense. We’ve been hobbling around on two legs of this stool for over a decade now. Have we won any landslides lately? You want to see people get excited? Stop appeasing Democrats. Stop thinking like them. Have a real conservative go out and talk about conservatism. You’ll get people excited about the election process like they haven’t been in years. Obama’s got “yes we can”. What do we have, “yes we can, too?” Republicans don’t win elections by pretending to be Democrats. Evidently, to this new crop of Republicrats, anything to the right of them is considered “extreme”. This elitist-style liberalism is infecting this Party. Is this who our party represents now? Snobs? Conservatives don’t attack people who succeed. Liberals do. Let me go out on a limb and make a prediction: If Jeff Beatty wins this, as I believe he will, I don’t think this gang will have the integrity to back him. And McCain, war hero God bless him, who honestly believes he’s a conservative, is going to get beaten like a rented mule. Then all the liberal Republicans better dig themselves a real deep hole and crawl into it, because after 4 years of an Obama or Clinton presidency, real Republicans are going to come looking for them for destroying the party and any hopes it ever had of winning any elections in the future.

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