The issue that matters above all else

For some time I’ve been thinking that perhaps the War on Terror hasn’t receded into the back of the nation’s collective memory. The demise of Giuliani and the success of the surge (if we are to believe it has legs) signaled a belief that the nation wants to move beyond 9/11 and, in turn, beyond the War in Iraq.  It is one reason why Ron Paul has made some noise and pulled in significant cash. Come home America, Paul’s improv on McGovernite foreign policy looked pretty good in a Texas dress with a nice isolationist trim. But every so often stark reminders pierce that comfort zone.

Little has been said of the rise of McCain from the book of the politically dead. It is often obscured by the fact that the economy is center stage.

The assassination of Bhutto in late December was the signpost that McCain camp followed it was more than mere luck; it was a reminder. Some conservatives, such as the editors over at the Investors Business Daily, have come to terms with McCain based on his principled stand on the WOT. The alternatives are worse. The image of Obama or Clinton grappling with an international crisis is hardly reassuring.

That said, McCain is strong on the most important issue of our time – the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. As we said here Tuesday, unless America hangs tough on the war, and especially if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, other issues will pale by comparison.

Investors Business Daily ran a chart yesterday that summed up the boomlet that’s brought McCain good fortune. Historians will find it hard to deny that Bhutto’s murder has a profound impact on American politics.

McCain is ready-made to face the challenges. The carping conservatives obsessed with non-winning immigration planks ought to grow up. This is serious business too important to leave to talk show touts making their long-term career moves.  

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