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We Can’t Afford Congress Any More

Check out this frank and to the point piece by former Congressman and modern Republican Study Committee founder Ernest Istook (R-OK), shedding the light on why:

We can’t afford Congress any more

By Ernest Istook

We can’t afford Congress. It’s driving America’s cost-of-living through the roof.

Any tax cut or “economic stimulus” we might get this spring is peanuts compared to how Washington keeps jacking up the price of everything that’s important.

By itself, last month’s energy bill will make food, cars, gasoline and even light bulbs more expensive. Washington is also the culprit behind high medical bills and health insurance, washing machines that have doubled in price, and our wonderful, more-expensive “lo-flo” toilets that don’t flush right.

All this is on top of what red tape already costs us. A 2004 government report admitted that federal regulations cost our economy at least $1.1 trillion each year. That’s $3,666 per person, so multiply that by the number of people in your household. And remember that’s before the 2007 energy bill. And in addition to taxes…read more here

Channel 5 Gun Dealer Story a Tragic Case of Blind Journalism

In response to a one sided anti-gun report aired on WCVB Channel 5 on January 31, 2008, Gun Owners Action Leauge (GOAL) issued the following:

On Thursday, January 31, 2008 Channel 5 of Boston aired a story Weapons Easy to Get; Traffickers Go Unpunished reported by News Center 5’s Sean Kelly. The entire premise of the report was how easy it is for criminals to obtain guns in Massachusetts because the neighboring states don’t require a background check. The entire story was completely a one sided display of journalistic political action. Not once in the story did the reporter cite the federal laws that require background checks for out of state purchases. Nor did Sean Kelly interview anyone from our side.

The reporter’s bias was clearly represented in his final lines in the story: “Changing gun laws will be difficult, however, because the gun lobby spends millions of dollars convincing lawmakers that we don’t need more gun laws, but better enforcement of the ones we already have.” Of course Mr. Kelly fails to mention the millions that are spent annually by a wealthy minority in attempts to trample the civil rights of innocent citizens…read the rest of the story here

They Don’t Support The Troops

Here is how the the Tierneys, Murthas, and Pelosis of the world show their support for our troops:

You see like most liberals, Tierney supports the troops, but only the wounded ones, and the veterans and the dead, all of those that need his compassion because of the harm done to them by the “illegal and immoral” war.  In retrospect, he doesn’t even support the wounded.

In March 2007, he jumped at the opportunity to get in front of the news cameras and express his “outrage” over the Walter Reed scandal.  However, for six months prior to the news on the conditions at Walter Reed taking the national spotlight, a soldier from his Congressional District had been fighting for his life at Walter Reed after being severely wounded in an IED attack.  Not once did he or his family receive a visit, a phone call, or any other inquiry on his condition from Congressman Tierney.  In fact, Tierney had never been to Walter Reed until holding his very public hearings, live on TV.  He did have time to travel to San Juan Puerto Rico in February 2007 for a privately funded six day conference on No Child Left Behind.  

He and the progressives only talk about these troops. We all know they are important, read my blog posts for starters. However, what the compassion-mongers ignore are the troops who are still the pointy end of the spear, the ones on the ground taking out the terrorists and insurgents, those are the troops Tierney and the left don’t support. Tierney’s anti-military voting record is clearly documented.  Go read Tierney’s Veterans page on his site, all fluff, no substance, and not one mention of victory, not one mention of the battles we have fought and won, and certainly no mention of dead terrorists or our live enemies. Heaven forbid we talk about that.

Our troops deserve better.  John Tierney has demonstrated time and again that he does not support our military.  He has no business serving in any capacity that determines how our troops are funded and supported.

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