Profiles in Wafflage

I found it interesting that, of the 26 Democrat so-called “Superdelegates” from Massachusetts, there are FIVE who have not been committed — 4 from the Congressional delegation. How wimpish is that?

One of the uncommitteds is none other than Niki Tsongas, for whom Bill Clinton famously campaigned during the special election last fall.

Another is Mardee Xifaras, uber liberal from the Dukakis days (one of 3 non-congressional uncommitteds).

There are a couple of reasons to remain uncommitted — the chief of which is to go to the convention and be a Focus of Attention — a King (or Queen) Maker.

The other is that you don’t have the courage to commit to Obama when you face the wrath of Sister Hillary.

I’ll bet Niki and Mardee remain in the shadows until the last minute to avoid the harsh rebuke from their Sister.

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