Outrageous Tax Policy! State Legislature Sings “Hurray for Hollywood”

The solons on Beacon Hill truly believe they can pick winners and losers in industrial policy.

BOSTON-Tax breaks designed to encourage moviemaking in Massachusetts have been so successful some state lawmakers are talking about building a studio here.

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Quincy state Rep. Ronald Mariano has a bill that would offer tax incentives for the creation of a film studio.

Some movie moguls are planning to travel to Beacon Hill this week to push for bill. They’re hoping to build a studio on the site of a former air base in Weymouth, according to the Boston Herald.

Another group of filmmakers want to locate a studio on 1,000 acres of land in South Plymouth.

Tax breaks that went into effect in January of last year have produced a spike in filming here.

Why does the state legislature apparently trust Hollywood more than the voters of Massachusetts. If the film credit has been so “successful” why wouldn’t a restoration of the personal income tax to its original 5 percent rate also be a benefit? And why only benefit the Teamsters?

Needless to say this sort of tax break clutters up the corporate tax code.  

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