And So It Begins…

(So what the media is effectively reporting is, “Former Navy Commander has Mouth Like Sailor”? – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

I have WBZ is on, and they are REPORTING that “We are now learning that Sen. John McCain has something of a temper…” and details various details and names regarding ‘Sen. Hothead’, as they have dubbed him.

For all those who thought the media’s love affair with McCain would survive his nomination, observe my cackle.

Update: The Boston Herald weighs in. (EaBo)

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  • McCain is a Conservative Republican

  • wavemaker

    this is a real scoop.

  • Knightbrigade

    Was/is going to get screwed over by the scumbag libtards of MSM in the general election.

    Even though MSM by loving McCain in the primaries MAY have helped him become the nominee, no Republican with an ounce of brains would have thought that to continue.

  • Renee

    He has something in common with liberal, Jane Fonda, using naughty words.  

  • RHM

    The temper issue is nothing new and doesn’t seem to bother voters because he’s still around. Personally, I’m not crazy about the guy. I think he’s old and grumpy. Maybe a good VP pick will dress him up nicer. Just my two cents.

  • Republican Rock Radio Mania 2

    Karl Rove is on Geraldo at Large on FOX News.  Maybe he can give McCain some help with his temper.