An Open Letter to Elizabeth Dole

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With all the discussion lately about Republicans focusing on the issues, I found it quite interesting that this post on the Club for Growth web site crossed my desk this morning. Has Lincoln Chafee ever been on the Republican side of an issue?

February 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Elizabeth Dole

Dear Senator Dole,

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you for dedicating nearly $2 million of the NRSC’s resources to Linc Chafee’s reelection campaign in 2006 when you were the NRSC’s chairwoman. I confess: For a long time, I questioned the wisdom of that move-after all Chafee didn’t even vote for President Bush in 2004-but now that the former Senator Chafee has left the Republican Party and announced his endorsement of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama today, I finally see the wisdom of that strategy.

Never mind that Senator Chafee voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts; never mind that Chafee was the only Republican to vote against Justice Alito’s confirmation; never mind that Chafee admitted that the only reason he remained a Republican was because the Republican majority made it easier to secure pork projects; never mind that a number of real Republican candidates could have benefitted from the NRSC’s resources during the 2006 cycle-it is clear today that Senator Chafee was worthy of your defense and support, as you argued so eloquently during the 2006 cycle: “It’s not about liberal or conservative. It’s about protecting incumbents no matter what their views.” As Senator Chafee declared Barack Obama “the best candidate for the job,” it is clear that you were right and we grass roots conservatives were dismally wrong. My deepest apologies for doubting you.


Nachama Soloveichik

[Full Disclosure: I was the Communications Director for Steve Laffey’s primary challenge against Lincoln Chafee.]…

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