An exercise in political suicide

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Before we go any further in this local exercise in political suicide, can we talk here? There’s not much time. Concerning the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, Jeff Beatty is a well-qualified, well-spoken, articulate, charismatic candidate; a military hero and a true patriot whose message has begun to resonate with people who’ve been sleepwalking through Massachusetts elections for years. This could be the year to beat John Kerry. Besides serving for over 20 years as Chief Democrat Do-Nothing (sorry for the redundancy), people just don’t want to look at him anymore. We finally have a chance to actually win a Senate race! How hard can it be to screw this up? Wait, we’re Republicans. Watch us!  

Instead of rallying around the candidate who’s been busy exploring that very possibility, Republicans, who always enjoy a good conflict, threw another challenger into the mix; Jim Ogonowski, another military patriot; a farmer in the image of our founding fathers who literally dropped their pitchforks in the fields to go and create a constitution; a candidate who just last year came within inches of beating the wife of a Democrat favorite; a man whose brother just happened to be the pilot of Flight 11. So now the plan appears to be to drain the political coffers of two very valuable candidates of stellar quality and bang them up against each other like two chalkboard erasers until one of them is left bloodied and broke. Am I the only one who sees this as pointless and futile? Who’s running against Nikki Tsongas when she comes up for re-election? I would’ve thought after coming off such an impressive campaign, Mr. O would be charging himself up for the win this time. We’re going to need lots of money to pull off this Senate race. And in my neck of the woods, we can’t keep going back to the well for seconds and thirds. Why are we the party of all the good ideas, but when we have the opportunity to implement those ideas with fine distinguished candidates, we beat ourselves up? The first opportunity we’ve had in many years to defeat the guy who’s two neck bolts away from the lead in a Mary Shelley novel, and instead of a group hug, we’re having a group brain spasm. Now the very people who are picking sides in this family feud are preaching that we need to “coalesce” behind John McCain, the Republican candidate with the biggest wart on his nose. If an alien from outer space ever landed here with the intention of studying Republican political campaigns, he’d have to conclude that the Master Plan behind our policies is Chaos. We’re like 5-year-olds who, when expected to use the bathroom in a proper mannr, instead take the opportunity to run around the house with our pants down holding onto one end of the toilet paper roll. No matter the outcome, this is a self-inflicted conumdrum. And I believe it will have definite consequences within the Party. But what do we know down here on the “South Coast”? We’re just hapless cornpones.

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