3rd Party Candidate

Well here we are.  On the Republican side we have a frontrunner that not many conservatives can stomach.  The two lesser GOP candidates have been wiped out of the media and left for dead on the political roadway.  Many will hold their nose and vote for McCain in hopes of avoiding one of the two Democrat candidates.  On the Democrat side we have a woman that remains the single most divisive political figure in recent history.  Her party opponent is a nice guy that lacks enough political experience to become the local dog catcher.

As we speak reports from washington place the President’s and Congress’ poll numbers at their lowest point in history.  See here: http://news.aol.com/story/_a/b…

With voter’s utter disdain for the current administration and Congress – isn’t this a perfect opportuntity for a third party candidate to take the stage and make a legitimate run for the White House?

Rumors of Bloomberg in NY and Ralph Nader making a run have been bouncing around for months.  Is now the right time for the dominance of the two major parties to come to and end with the birth of a powerful 3rd party campaign?  I think so and would fully encourage a third party candidate to step forward.

Too late for 2008?  Your thoughts.

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