Will Suffolk be right?

I have watched somewhat perplexed over the past week, how the WHDH Suffolk Poll has been tracking so far below the Real Clear Politics average on both the Republican and Democratic side.

For instance the latest Suffolk Polls show McCain losing and Obama only up by 1%.  While the RCP average is +7.7 Obama and +4.8 McCain, this is a swing of around 7 points in both instances. Here are the Suffolk internals.  Chairman Torkildsen still teaches at Suffolk part time I believe, and Rob Willington is a grad school graduate.  Perhaps one of them can educate us on Suffolk’s methods and why their polls are further from what seems to be conventional wisdom.

Update: McCain asks about Suffolk

In need of a fix, he peruses the New Hampshire surveys on the Real Clear Politics Web site on a reporter’s computer. They all show him leading, except for one. “What the hell is wrong with Suffolk?” he asks. Later, he again returns to “those jerks at Suffolk. . . . Monkeys with phones.”

Mac is Back.

This is why I love the Mac.

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