Why I’ll endorse Jeff Beatty today on WBSM – Ken Pittman

This year the Republicans will have a show of force not seen in these parts for decades. Two quality Republican gentlemen in Massachusetts will seek a U.S. Senate seat. Senator John Kerry even seems to realize it as the Democrats will now have a U.S. Senate primary. The not so guarded secret that few Democrats like John Kerry in Massachusetts provides an opportunity for a change in the Massachusetts Senate delegation which was an absurd thought only three years ago.

Enter Jeff Beatty. Jeff’s rookie campaign took a few lumps in a race against the established  Congressman Bill Delahunt (who has about as safe a seat in congress given the density of Democrats in his district). His political machine is well oiled and well manned with quality support personel.

Jeff is back and now eyeing Kerry’s seat. He has started early and has been in virtually every crack and corner of the state. His military and intelligence service record is distinguished and causes other candidates to salivate considering the dangerous times we live in. No offense to Jim Ogonowski who ran a fine campaign against the entire Democratic machine (local and not so local).

I have read Jeff’s immigration, terror, economic, trade and social policies and will support and endorse him as our next U.S. Senator. He will need more volunteers and workers so please join the cause to rid America of John Kerry’s horrid influence and indifference to duty.

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