The year of living down the promise of together we can

Occasionally a convergence of events illuminate hard truths, stripping away illusions that not even the “reality-based community” can ignore. The New Hampshire primary that saw Deval’s endorser and mirror-image Barack Obama lose a close race reprised the empty slogan that still rings in our ears: “Together we can.” The Obama letdown coincided with the completion of Governor Patrick’s first year. It is not only Hillary Clinton, like Massachusetts voters, who is beginning to notice that the poetry that elevates can be brought down hard by the prose of real governing. Eventually the voters, most of them grown-ups, will discover the thread-bare emperor Obama Barack will have trouble sustaining the American public with the audacity of hope. To be audacious is to actually propose something beyond playing a thin reed. For as mostly everyone know nows Obama is a Deval episode on a larger and more serious stage. The governor’s first year is not stellar, failing to meet the expectations that he drummed on the campaign trail. It is a major letdown that will prompt some to pine for the bad old Romney days, of divided but competent government. Scotto has the trail of tears (a big word these days) that break the hearts of BMB moonbats.

After almost exactly one year after the Boston Globe put him in office, the Moonbat Morning News has declared that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has had “a mixed first year”.

Let’s reminesce about what Deval has been mixing up since the last time Earth was on this side of the sun, shall we?

spending more than $27,000 in office redecorations, then paying back $10,000 for the damask drapes.

trading in his Chevy to lease a $46,000 Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac (OK, the previous car was a Ford Crown Vic, but who can resist the Billy Joel reference?), then paying back the difference (after first defending the expenditure).

hiring a totally inexperienced chief of staff because, well, she met certain demographical requirements (read: she was female and black), then firing her four months later.

hiring a totally inexperienced chief of staff for his wife, the first First Lady of Massachusetts to have a soup taster since Kitty hic Dukakis because, well, she met certain demographical requirements (read: she and her husband were Deval’s fundraising czars), then firing her three months later.

Demoting the Office of Veterans Affairs from a cabinet-level position.

Calling his former Clinton administration pal/former US Treasury Secretary/Citigroup executive to help secure a loan for the parent company of his former employer/predatory subprime lender, Ameriquest Mortgage, than apologizing.

Hiring an undersecretary of economic development who interviewed for the job chief lobbyist for the biotech industry he was supposed to be overseeing, then pretending not to notice when the hack was brought up on ethics charges.

Hiring an executive and lawyer from a real estate firm to oversee economic development and real estate permitting, then going to court to pave the way for that firm’s controversial East Cambridge condo project that the same environmentalists who elected Deval have been fighting for years to stop.

Running on a platform of purging special interest groups from Beacon Hill, then shaking down those special interests for more than a million dollars in contributions.

Threatening to raise taxes on corporations, then proposing a corporate tax cut.

Disclosing the names and private addresses of voters on his website.

Paying 11 out of his 70 staffers more than $100,000 each.

Taking a helicopter to funerals of fallen members of the armed services, until he got caught, then doing it again to announce his new clean energy proposal.

Unveiling a $1 billion biotech development plan and letting it wilt as months go by with no legislative action.

Firing Jane Swift’s former revenue czar, then hiring him again five months later to run the MassPike.

Promising that in his first four years in office he would put 1,000 new police officers on the streets after accusing Romney of cutting police forces, but funding less than 200 new cops in his first year.

Announcing his plan to let towns and cities tax meals in order to in turn cut property taxes, then sitting on the sidelines as his proposal died a slow death on Beacon Hill.

Going from having no opinion about the controversial question of casino gambling to solving the state’s financial woes by calling for licensed for three casinos, overnight.

Yeah. Deval’s first year in office has definitely been mixed (up).See…

This litany has the power to question the wisdom of the majority of last year’s voters.


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