The local aid conundrum: Crying poor mouth or real threat?

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation is sounding the tired alarm, yet again. Meanwhile amidst the bellyaching, where’s Casino Deval’s property tax relief? See…

BOSTON –Cities and towns are feeling the fiscal squeeze, with little relief in sight.

That’s according to a new report that finds that after a brief respite in the past fiscal year, local municipalities are again struggling to balance their budgets.

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation study found that part of the problem is the state lottery can no longer guarantee large increases in funding each year.

That translates into smaller increases in state aid to cities and towns, which in turn could put on more pressure to raise property taxes.

But voters are rebelling against property tax increases. In the 2007 fiscal year, 35 percent of attempted property tax overrides were approved, compared with an average of about 50 percent for the prior three years.

To be sure the towns are under pressure but municipal officials are hardly chomping at the bit to reform state finances. Do they ever mobilize to eliminate police details? Do they realize how much project labor agreements are costing state and local governments? Have they put pressure on municipal unions to stop obstructing entry into the Group Insurance Pool? Until they do so, their cries will go unheeded or worse treated with contempt.

The Boston Globe rings the alarm by yet again calling for more taxes in the form of local option taxes on meals and cable television (touted as telecommunications but we know what that means.)

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