The Crying Game

Yesterday’s big news was that Hillary Clinton got misty eyed on the campaign trail.  Mind you, she is not the first candidate to weep a bit. Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts Governor, had the same teary retrospection while waxing eloquent about his father marching with MLK, which never really happened – UGH.  But, Hillary is different because she is a woman!  Or at least we think she is a woman.  (Hence the title of this post) Barf…

A few questions:

1.) Was Hillary’s crying contrived and fake?

2.) Will it hurt her campaign?

3.) If crying makes her poll numbers go up will she do it again?

4.) Will crying become a new requisite for Presidential campaigns?

5.) Will Kleenex, Inc. start sponsoring Presidential candidates?

6.) If Kucinich cries will he wipe his nose all the way up and down his shirtsleeve?

7.) Will “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” become someone’s campaign theme song?

8.) Would Chuck Norris ever allow the HuckaBOOM to cry?

9.) If Hillary wins will we all be crying?

10) Does crying add to global warming?

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