The beast that is the taxpayer-funded Legal Services Corporation

The Legal Services Corporation is the handmaiden of the welfare state. Established to help the poor with legal problems it has evolved into a juggernaut that usurps the rights of small property owners. It has also been known to discriminate again fathers separated from their children in acrimonious custody battles. The American Bar Association and all of its lesser lights in the 50 states have, since the 1960s, built up this huge edifice with strong lobbying efforts. Along with IOLTA (surcharges on interest earned on lawyers’ escrow funds)and the aid of hyperliberal law school clinics, the “legal services industry, has amassed an army of litigants eager to protect and expand the welfare state. It is no surprise that Hillary Clinton has been one of its defenders from the early days of her conversion from Goldwater supporter to far left liberal. A few years after Proposition 2 1/2 passed in 19880, legal services attorneys mounted efforts to overturn the measure.

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This isn’t a prime issue in political campaigns and would probably bore voters to death but it is a sign of how big government has become and how insidious its perverse effects on small property owners persists to this day.  

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