Sorry Ogo, But I’m With Beatty On This One

(Might as well get the conversation going.  Ogonowski or Beatty?  Who is best to beat Kerry in November? – promoted by Cool Cal)

Disclaimer:  I’m The Chairman of the UMass Dartmouth College Republicans.  I am also not officially affiliated with the Beatty campaign.  This post is not an endorsement by my organization, just me.  

As many are aware, Jim Ogonowski has entered the fray in the battle with John Kerry.  Jim Ogonowski is an honorable man.  He’s a member of the nation’s armed forces, a hard worker, and is extremely concerned with serving the people rather than serving himself.

However, he is not the only Republican running in this race.  

Flip it!

Jeff Beatty is also a man of great honor.  His service his country as a member of the Army’s Delta force is highly decorated.  In the U.S. Invasion of Grenada alone, he received a Purple Heart, a Combat Infantry Badge, and a Army Commendation Medal With a V for Valor.  

Besides serving as a member of the military, he was formerly a member of the FBI and the CIA.  

One of the most impressive characteristics of Jeff is that he didn’t just limit himself to government service like many would.  Jeff is also the founder of Total Security.US.  This private security training and consulting firm has an extremely impressive clientèle list.  I have seen Jeff Beatty on ABC, CNN, Fox and CBS providing the nation with his expert opinions.  

On the issues, Jeff doesn’t try to be some savior for every issue under the Sun.  Jeff wants to secure America and make sure that our troops abroad are fighting with winning strategies to ensure the highest success rate possible.  Jeff has the experience to plan and execute a winning war.  

Something that Jeff does which impresses me to no end is his engagement.  There have been very few times I’ve gone to some event and he hasn’t shown up to lend a voice to a cause.  Even when it was a dozen College Republicans holding signs to protest some Deval Patrick tomfoolery, he was there, lending a voice and buying some hot coffee for cold college students.  

It’s going to take someone who is truly devoted to change and action in order to take on John Kerry.  While I have immense respect for Jim Ogonowski, I place my trust in Jeff Beatty to be an effective leader in our Congress.  Between his work in the military, the government, and the private sector, Jeff Beatty really is a full-spectrum warrior and I’m proud to give him my support.  

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