Romney on Leno

You ask – What is the big deal?

Mitt Romney flew from Reno to Burbank on January 18th in order to appear on Leno.  As Eric “Tough Guy” Fehrnstrom said:

“It worked for Huckabee,” said spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. “The road to the White House goes through Jay Leno.”

Normally not a big deal, until you consider that on the eve of the Iowa caucus Mitt Romney criticized Huckabee for leaving Iowa to appear on Leno by making the following statement:

Well, frankly, my focus is on the caucuses here in Iowa. I think Mike is more concerned about the caucus in Los Angeles. So my focus is on getting folks out to vote in the caucuses and connecting my message with the people of Iowa, and I think that’s the right course for my campaign. I’m not going to run his campaign. But I guess he’s more focused on the caucus in L.A. than the caucus in Iowa.”

So I guess this means Mitt is more focused on the caucus in Los Angeles, just as Huckabee was.  Just one more example of Mitt Romney being a politician.  Condemn the poor little Huckleberry until you realize he has kicked your $250M ass in Iowa with the spare change from his dresser drawer – and then do as he does.

Yesterday Romney’s tussle with reporters sounded like Clinton, but today he sounds more like John Kerry: “I was against Leno, before I was for Leno”.

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