Romney mixes it up over Ron Kaufman

(Kaufman is well known in Mass GOP Circles, and has used his political influence to both help the GOP and his lobbying business.  Interesting that him playing both sides of the governmental fence (electing officials and lobbying them) has become an issue in itself. – promoted by Cool Cal)

Read the story here from Politico:…

See the CBS video here:…

Mitt Romney was badgered by a reporter asking questions about Ron Kaufman.  As Romney was appearing in a Staples office supply store in SC he commented that his campaign is not run or beholden by lobbyists.  At that point a reporter questioned him about Ron Kaufman, who has been a long time advisor to Romney and is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Dutko Worldwide, a lobbying firm.  Romney blew his top and the two traded words for minutes.

When the exchange was done, Eric Fehrnstrom (traveling Press Secretary) told the reporter he “was out of line” and told him “not to be argumentative with the candidate”.

God Almighty – it sounds just like Hillary Clinton’s campaign….

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