Question For The Joe Lieberman Wing Of The Party

Here is part of your philosophy that I just cant get a handle on. Maybe you all could help me out here and explain it better.

I used to think that we all were united in the belief that it is not the role of government to actively participate in the redistribution of wealth. It was a common theme for quite a while when we rallied in support of such things as welfare reform.

So how in the heck is it that any of you can support the federal reserve system? From my perspective and the perspective of anyone in the middle class looking in, redistribution of wealth is redistribution of wealth, all the same.

How can you support it?

Should we applaud when Bernanke announces yet another interest rate cut? Good for the Dow Jones?

Anyone check out the dollar dive every time that man opens his mouth?

That is my dollar. That is your dollar. That is the the price spike in every flipping thing we buy.

Talk about a tax hike. Who gave Bernanke the right to unilaterally tax us at any time he feels the urge? Why aren’t we Republicans furious?

When you question who it is that belongs in our party perhaps you should look real closely at Mr Lieberman and any one of his good “friends”.

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