Now that human cloning exists

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Let’s say you don’t have a problem with this, while I do believe people are a bit creeped out creating a twin on one’s self even though the embryo would not be implanted in a womb and proceed with human development.

What about the other issue here, the need for young fresh eggs from women. The procedure of releasing eggs from one’s ovary and collecting them have serious risks. Ask any woman who experienced IVF. What if women don’t want to donate them to science and scientist have to compensate women for their services? Women would have to be paid for their services. You could make a living selling your eggs.

We will have cloned babies. There really isn’t a way of banning the implantation of embryos. People are allowed to do what they want with their own gametes and bodies. Women already sell their eggs, even rent out their wombs for the creation of customized babies. It’s call surrogacy and for 50k, you can have someone else have the baby for you. Anyone can get the ‘gift of life’ without even having sex or having a endure fertility treatments  on themselves.  

The box has been open.  

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