Media misses Clinton surge; Polls distort politics on the ground

As I write, Clinton is poised to stage an upset. This is NOT the narrative that dominated the news for the past two days and most of the Post-Iowa coverage. ABC News as of 8:41 has the race as follows.

Clinton 17,008 40% 0  

Obama 14,959 35% 0  

Edwards 7,077 17% 0  

Richardson 1,832 5% 0  

Kucinich 803 2% 0  

Biden 75 0% 0  

Gravel 58 0% 0  

Dodd 35 0% 0

This proves in my mind that the mainstream media are saps or useful idiots for the Clinton Machine. Two key points have largely gone unexamined in the poll-driven coverage biased in favor of Barack.

1) Did poll respondents lie about their support for a black candidate? Particularly in an overwhelming white state which was the last state to adopt MLK Day as a paid state holiday!

2) Why hasn’t the Shaheen connection been played up. As I see it, this primary is a trial run for the former Democratic Governor who is seeking a rematch with incumbent Republican Senator John Sunnunu. The Shaheens are running the Clinton operation in NH, are they not?

There’s something fundamentally wrong about the enterprise of political polling in this modern age of cell phones and the Internet.  

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